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Ministry For Counter Narcotics Signs MoU To Mobilize Public Awareness PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 December 2016 10:23

Today the Ministry of Counter Narcotics signed two separate Memorandums of Understanding with Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs and Afghanistan Physical Education and Sport Administration aiming to increase public awareness against narcotics in Afghanistan.
“Increased Public Awareness and improved cooperation and coordination between relevant government organizations is required to fight narcotics”, said Minister Salamat Azemi

The Minister of Counter Narcotics Salamat Azemi said at the GMIC that the aim of signing these memoranda is to increase public awareness regarding the harm of narcotics. The MoU calls on the support of tribal elders and Afghan athletes to talk about the dangers of narcotics and its negative consequences in the society.

Minister Azemi called on all Afghans to take part in the public awareness campaign against narcotics in Afghanistan; ‘it is the duty of every Afghan citizen to fight narcotics and turn Afghanistan a narcotic-free country.’ 
She also urged the international community to further support Afghanistan to fight poppy cultivation and narco-traficking which is an international problem requiring a concerted joint effort to overcome this evil. She said, ‘The international community has committed to fighting narcotics, and it will fulfill its promises.’

Acting Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs Abdul Ghafoor Laiwal said that his Ministry will increase public awareness through tribal elders and Jirgas about the harms of narcotics.  “ As long as public does not fight and control narcotics, individual organizations will not succeed to fight narcotics”, said Minister Laiwal.

Mr. Qasim Hamidi Deputy Director General of Afghanistan Sport Administration highlighted the important role Afghan athletes can play in increasing public awareness against the use of narcotics.  He also committed that his administration will help MCN in its public awareness campaign about the harms of narcotics.

The trafficking of narcotics is used to fund terrorism at home and abroad- it fuels insecurity. The Afghan Government is committed to fight this disease; the National Counter Narcotic Action Plan demonstrates the government’s commitment.  Furthermore, the recent seizure of 61 tons of narcotics in Kabul Province in early December 2016 is a clear example of the Afghan Government working to protect the safety of its citizens.