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The First National Conference on Women Empowerment in Agriculture: The Afghan Government Vows to Prioritize the Role of Women PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 07 December 2016 10:40

The First National Conference on Women Empowerment in Agriculture was held at the Government Media and Information Center (GMIC) on December 3, 2016 ‬

Speaking at the event, First Lady Bibigul Rula Ghani highlighted the role of women in the family but emphasized the crucial role that empowering women will take in Afghan society.

“By working in agriculture, not only do you support your families, but you also bring stability and peace to your villages and provide quality nutrition to your families. Clearly you play an important role within the family and in society. By contributing to the development of a stable and growing agrarian economy, you reduce the likelihood of violence and conflict in our country.” ‬

The First Lady also discussed the importance that this process of empowerment has in changing the culture of violence against women; by contributing to the family outside of the home, women will be viewed differently through contributing to the family income.  

Asadullah Zameer -  Afghan Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) -said that agriculture is the cornerstone of the Afghan economy.  He asserted that supporting women and expanding their role in farming would help to decrease poverty and improve food safety in villages and remote areas of the country. ‬

He asserted that the measures taken by MAIL over the last two years has empowered women and allowed them to make a valuable contribution to society.  Policies such as Women in Agriculture and the Women’s Empowerment Task Force have not only helped women and their families, but make a vital contribution to economy of Afghanistan.    

Blessed with vast agricultural lands, good soil, access to water and sunlight, and the most important resource of all – the Afghan people; agriculture is a gift that will allow our country to stand on its own feet.  Women have a vital role to play in this process.

Further more, with our recent successes in transportation communications and our road and rail links to our Regional partners, we can ensure food security for ourselves and assume one of the most significant roles in regional trade and commerce.

This policy of empowerment is another example of the government giving the proud people of Afghanistan another opportunity to take collective responsibility and rebuild our country.