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Readout of MRRD and Swedish Ambassador Press Conference PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 August 2017 00:00

•    Sweden's fund to create new job opportunities for displaced people & empowering poor families
Speaker (s):
•    H.E. Nasir Ahmad Durani, Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MoRRD),
•    H.E. Anders Sjöberg, Sweden’s Ambassador in Afghanistan,
Media Outlets:
•    Live Ariana News & RTA
•    Total media: 15 National and international media (TV, Radio, Print)
Minister of MoRRD, Mr. Durani along with Sweden’s ambassador Mr. Sjöberg conducted a joint press conference on Sweden’s fund for Afghanistan in the area of creating job opportunities for internal displaced, and immigrants as well as poor families, leading by women in order to empower them and boost their confidence. Mr. Durani explained the areas which fund would be expended by various development & maintenance projects. He expressed gratitude and released thankful message to Sweden country which had been starting cooperation to help Afghan people since 1980.

Swedish development cooperation with Afghanistan aims to help people living in poverty, particularly women and girls, to improve their living conditions in a peaceful and democratic society, and Sweden cooperation concentrated on following aspects of Education, Health & Agriculture,  added Durani.
Mr. Durani continued and said: Sweden continues supporting Afghanistan and once again committed to release fund USD$ 9mln for purpose to create job opportunities for internal displaced, immigrants and those who are living in damaged areas around Afghanistan. This amount will be expended through Citizen Charter Program, by MoRRD. The project will covers over 228 villages throughout Afghanistan, and around 542 new job opportunities would be created for over 13 thousands applicants. On the other hand the amount is going to expend in three phase for 34 provinces.

Mr. Durani continued, another big project with budget of USD$ 91 mln had been expended through National Solidarity Program (NSP), which covers around 9978 councils, and 13mln working hours had been made for over 77 thousand job opportunities.
Mr. Anders Sjöberg, Sweden’s ambassador in Afghanistan announced Sweden long term commitments to Afghanistan till 2014 and said: We are committed to support Afghan people, especially internal displaced, and immigrants, as we supported from MCCG program to change quality life of people. We will help MoRRD to expend the amount in order to create new job opportunities for rural residents.

It is worth mentioning, which Sweden will support MCCG program through international bank, and ARTF, as over USD$ 9mln allocated for this project, added Sjöberg.

Key Questions/ Answers:
Reporter: What kind of job opportunities would be created, and which aspect focused on?
According primary estimation, applicants from over 228 villages will get benefits from the project. On the other hand job opportunities are going to be created on the area of maintenance and development projects, including re-building roads. We will focus on projects will reinforce economic growth and development in Afghanistan.