Ajmal Abdulrahimzai, Spokesperson of MoF is briefing the media on HEC Decisions


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MCN Press Press Conference Readout PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 August 2017 17:24

Agenda: MCN signed three contracts with Private Companies
Speaker (s):
•    Salamat Waziri, Minister of MCN
•    Javed Ahmad Qaim, Deputy of policy & coordination at MCN
•    Boost Enterprise Manager in Helmand
•    Head of civil society of Helmand province
•    Head of KAPOL Group of Companies
The session began with directors of KAPOL group, Boost Enterprise Manager & Head of Ariana Company signing various contracts with the minister of Counter-Narcotics who expressed her happiness for signing these contracts and thanked them for this.
Salamat Azimi, minister of counter narcotics signed three for-public-benefit projects today in GMIC. These projects include public awareness, alternative livelihood or maishati badeel & and a hand-over document of two power generators signed with head of directorate Helmand Bost Cotton Factory. 
At the opening of the session, Salamat Azimi, MCN minister said, “These projects are to encourage & inspire farmers not to cultivate drugs and these projects help public awareness.”
Two of the projects are aimed at increasing public awareness and one is about building beekeeping-farm in Chaghcharan, provincial center of Ghor province. Furthermore, two power generators with capacity of 500KW will be given to Helmand Bost Cotton Factory to provide them with the required electricity to increase cotton production in this province. Mrs. Azimi stated that value of these projects is approximately 40-Million AFs which is funded by American embassy of INL.
Mr. Javed Qaim, deputy of policy & coordination of MCN expressed that narcotics is a big concern not just in Afghanistan but also all over the world and Afghanistan’s struggles toward eradicating narcotics is less than enough. He detailed that we have achievements in arresting smugglers of whom at least ten are major smugglers.
Boost Enterprise Manager also thanked MCN and stated that it is good that formers exchange cultivating drugs to cultivating cottons because it creates permanent jobs for over 3,000 people and 250,000 people can work in fields.
Moreover, head of civil society of Helmand province & head of KAPOL Group of Companies thanked MCN for their attentions toward addicted people and expressed their supports of MCN initiatives and activities.

Q&A Session:
1.    (Reporter): Using drug and narcotics is problem in all over the world & this is not the solution that we make people aware of its harms because everyone is aware of that. The problem is that smugglers use Afghanistan as the center of narcotics. So, what are other solutions?
o    Mrs. Azimi: this is the responsibility of everyone in a society to avoid those who are using narcotics such as cigarettes or any other drug. And families have to take care of their sons/daughters. National Unity Government is trying to avoid these and arrest smugglers.   

2.    (Reporter): when youth are jobless and cannot find job for themselves they resort to drugs and today the number of addicted people is increasing. Why Minister of Labor and Social Affairs does not create job opportunities?
o    Mr. Azimi: every ministry knows their responsibilities and everyone must know their own duties and responsibilities. And minister of labor and social affairs have to think about thier solutions.