Ajmal Abdulrahimzai, Spokesperson of MoF is briefing the media on HEC Decisions


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MUDH Spokesperson Press Conference Readout PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 August 2017 16:26

•    Signing MoU with Afghanistan Chamber of Industries & Mines.
•    Conducting three day discourse session on how to clean Kabul, and eradicate rubbish.
•    Provincial business trip of Minister of MUDH
Speaker (s):
•    Nilofar Langar, spokesperson for Ministry of Urban Development & Housing (MUDH)
Media Outlets:
•    Live Ariana News
•    Total media: 17 National and international media (TV, Radio, Print)
Ms. Nilofar Langar, spox for MUDH carried out a press conference on recent MUDH’s achievements and upcoming development plan, would be accomplish by end of the fiscal year. Ms. Langar explained about the reason of signing MoU with Chamber of Industries & Mines and said: According presidential decree no# 745, all construction projects should be shifted to MUDH for implementing. MUDH is responsible to manage and supervise all type of construction projects relevance ministries while constructions projects had been implemented before by ministries.
This is a huge opportunities for private sectors in order to reinforce their products, through encouraging and give them opportunities to develop their products. MUDH paid attention to the opportunities which improve AFG products, and reduce alternative stuff from abroad countries. This opportunities will create deliverable capacities among private sectors as well as MUDH in order to accelerate accomplishment of construction projects, as well as will be cause to diversification for private sectors. This is responsibility of Chamber of Industries & Mines to list all types of construction materials and recommend to MUDH, added Ebramini.
Langar also continued, establishing a mechanism to manage & control of how to use construction materials made of AFG, is going to boom business inside Afghanistan and affect on economic growth at the country.
This MoU will get priority domestic stuff, and prefer offers of those companies even their price is high to 25%.
Ms. Langar also continued and expressed which MUDH convened a professional discussion with attending of experts on environment challenge, to discuss about that residents of Kabul city are facing with. Three tough topics were discussed on The advantages of green environment of Kabul city, the disadvantages of rubbish at Kabul city, Ho to use technology to clean Kabul city. Attendees at the panel offered their recommendations, and it is supposed to make a well-effected & comprehensive approach to dealing with the rough challenges of environment.
The third part of conference focused on business trip of Minister of MUDH to 33 provinces for purpose of visibility study and assessing challenges that rural people were explain and ask government for help. 
•    Over six development projects inaugurated,
•    Development plan for Daikundi city made and recommended to the authorities.
•    Survey for water supply of Daikundi, would be carried out immediately by fiscal year 1397.
•    Over 50 new development projects designed and would be implemented by end of the year.
•    Four construction projects including building of Directorate of Information and Culture, dormitory for female student, building of IEC at Daikundi, and building of Commerce and Industries, will be accomplished by the end of this year.
Uruzgan is one of deprived province, which the least budget had not expended for developing to change life of residents. Minister of MUDH convened several direct discussions with resident to understand their challenges. Minister promised to include 10s development projects at development play, is going to implemented by end of this year. On the other hand, survey of water supply would be conducted immediately.

•    The plan of carpet waving township (city) is prepared and is going to be established soon. The city would be included over 10 thousand Acre, 110 factories (16 big factories, 34 medium and 60 small factories) as well as, over 1994 families will get benefits from the township.
•    Over 63 development projects included at development plan for fiscal year of 1397, and will be implemented soon.
Key Questions/ Answers:
Reporter: People cannot walk around city at Kunduz safe, how is possible to  implement this type of project?
Development project is one of effective approach that we can brainwash people mind from negative things, war and violation.