Ajmal Abdulrahimzai, Spokesperson of MoF is briefing the media on HEC Decisions


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Signing a number of new projects contract, Readout PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 June 2017 15:46

Joint Press Conference
June 15, 2017

Agenda: Signing a number of new projects contract
Speaker (s):
•    Mr. H.E. Sarwar Danish, Second Vice President
•    Mr. Abdullah Habibzai, Acting Mayor of Kabul Municipality
Media Outlets:
•    Live Coverage:
•    Total media: 16 National media (TV, Radio, Print)

Today, June 15, 2017, Sixteen road-build projects signed today by Abdullah Habibzai acting mayor of Kabul Municipality in presence of H.E. Sarwar Danish in government media and information center.(GMIC)
Mr. Danish, Second Vice President, after greeting to the audience and thanking to media and to mayor of Kabul Municipality happily graduated to Mr. Habibzai and continued that is working honestly for people and trying to solve the main issues of their lives.
He thanked Mr. Habibzai and the contractors for their sixteen development-projects. He stressed that “it is great that I can see changes and development and also beyond plans it takes action too by him, and I want Mr. Habibzai who is the acting mayor of Kabul Municipality to be the official mayor of KM.”

He said, “Recently Municipality is an official organization that works in every village, city, districts and it is selected by people which we can call the action democracy. Mayor of Municipality has complete responsibility to do the require for people without any discrimination and any corruptions. Moreover; he talked about the insecurity, war, terrorism and other main problems of people which they face in the society as a civilian. ”

He stressed that most of the districts in Kabul are worse than the villages and provinces due to having no standardized roads, lack of electricity, schools, clinics, and healthful water for drinking which are answered from the undertakings.  But the answer of Municipals is that they have no budget. On the other hand, First world countries are using the outputs which they get by people municipals again service the people by that budget.

He listed some main problems of Urban that must be taken serious actions towards them, “professional engineers/responsible must be hired, disabling the bureaucracy system instead of it an electronic system should be used for processing the documents, act trenchantly to corruptions, a remarkable management and organization inside every governmental and non-Gov. organizations, obeying regulations and acting in time and according to condition of people” meanwhile; He wished that after the parliamentary elections, presidential and district councils, municipal elections can be held.

Danish specifically talked about major issues that mayor of Kabul municipality must work on, “main roads must be asphalt in all districts, constricting parks, serious actions for cleaning dusts, transportation for the population which increases, traffic jam, electricity matters, specifies a special bazar for vendors.”

At the end of his speech he asked civil society, Uloma, young generation and every single civic of Kabul that they must not use slogans but act while cooperation with mayor and municipals.
Mr. Habibzai, acting mayor of Kabul municipality thanked second vice president and media for the cooperation.

He started his speech by saying that they have contracted sixteen of road asphalting that contain/cover 285km roads which will be completed and in the last of continued year. He stressed” Kabul metro-bus project will be launched today which starts from Sarai-Shamali along to intersection of Baraki which people can use till the starting of new year.”

Mayor of Kabul municipality stressed,” Six recreational parks will be built in Kabul this year, 10 km of roads in Kabul will be enhanced including with greenery, drawing lines, setting signals, cleaning and lightning, moreover; address finding project in Kabul will be completed this year and will be implemented across the country.”

He said;” Kabul Municipality's revenues have increased more than previous as it was 200,000-300,000AFG and now 3million AFG.”

He talked about the collecting garbage which in previous it was 27% but now it has increased to 49% meanwhile; he stressed it will be 90% in five main districts of Kabul till the last of this year.

Q&A Session:

1. (Reporter) Can you please list the districts of 285km which you said will be constructed?
-   Habibzai, you can take the list from my partner but those districts that I have in my mind are PD13, PD12, PD11, PD4 and…