Ajmal Abdulrahimzai, Spokesperson of MoF is briefing the media on HEC Decisions


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GMIC Launches New Change Management and Capacity Development Strategy PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 March 2017 09:17

Government launches strategy to build stronger ties with the people and the media.

The Office of the Chief Advisor to the President on Public and Strategic Affairs launched a new Change Management and Capacity Development Strategy for Government Media and Information Center (GMIC).

To address the ever-changing Afghan media-environment, the strategy will modernize the GMIC to ensure that the people of Afghanistan have the clearest possible picture of the government’s service delivery and the challenges we face. But crucially, the GMIC will become a platform for the public and the press to express themselves and ensure their voices are heard.

Mr. Nadery, Ambassador at Large for Freedom of Expression, described the strategic vision for GMIC:
‘The Government Media and Information Centre will increase the quality, volume, coordination, and cohesiveness of government messaging, with a focus on sub-national government, in order to increase public awareness and improve perception of government policy, achievements, and service delivery. GMIC will facilitate communication between provincial, national, and international audiences, and the government. Through a two-way dialogue, GMIC will foster a relationship of trust between the government, the media, and the people, thereby strengthening the democracy of our country.’  

The strategy describes four key objectives that would help achieve the strategic vision. Firstly, to provide a platform for government communicators and the public; this will help develop the two-way process of communication between the people and their elected representatives.  Secondly, GMIC will amplify government communication so that more people are aware of important service delivery and policies, especially in remote provinces. Thirdly, GMIC will coordinate government information so that the media and the people know more about the workings of their government. And fourthly, GMIC will continue to develop strong relations with the media – which is vital in all democracies.

The implementation of the strategy will begin next week and will start with a full review of the GMIC’s current services.