Ajmal Abdulrahimzai, Spokesperson of MoF is briefing the media on HEC Decisions


Readout of High Economic Council (HEC) Weekly Press Briefing
Monday, 08 January 2018 16:37

08 January, 2018

Agenda: High Economic Council (HEC) Weekly Press Briefing

Speaker: Mr. Ajmal  Abdulrahimzai, Spokesperson, Ministry of Finance (MoF)

Main Summary:
Today a joint press briefing was held by Ajmal Abdulrahimzai, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance (MoF) at GMIC to update the media on the 20thweekly meeting of the High Economic Council (HEC). He briefed the media on decisions made in the 19th weekly meeting of HEC.  He explained that HEC made important decisions on 30 MW solar electricity in Kandahar, Helmand Zamindawar canal and construction of private parking lots in Kabul.  He also added that for construction of this solar electricity two qualified companies are shortlisted and the contracts will be signed in a few days’ time.

According to Abdulrahimzai, construction of Zamindawar canal in Helmand is one of the urgent demands of residents of Helmand and meanwhile it is essential for the second phase of the Kajaki Dam. This canal helps to irrigate 16400 hectares of land for the agriculture.  Abdulrahimzai stressed that construction of Zamindawar canal was one of the most important agenda in HEC 20th weekly meeting.  He continued that the Ministry of Agriculture Irrigation and Livestock is responsible for the feasibility study and initiation of the project.

Building private parking lots was another decision made by HEC in its 20th weekly meeting. After implementation of the project, the city will be designed by a particular system with standardized parking lots and the revenue will be channeled to government’s budget.

He also added that HEC and Kabul Municipality are responsible to work on a comprehensive and practical plan as well as the implementation of the plan which is the construction of these parking lots. He added that this plan is an important source of revenue for the government and therefore, important for security and prevents car robbery.