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TAPI joint press conference readout - 27 December 2017
Wednesday, 27 December 2017 15:13

Ajmal Ahmadi, senior advisor  to the President on Banking and Finance opened the press conference by highlighting the importance of TAPI project.  He said TAPI was the result of hard work of both Presidents from Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.   He said TAPI is a joint venture between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.  He said the TAPI project is a 33 billion cubic meters gas. Three Afghan provinces will benefit from 5 million cubic meters of Afghanistan's share in the project.  Ahmadi said with progress in this project, 100MW of electricity will be distributed to Herat, Farah and Helmand provinces.  

Mr. Amanov, CEO of TAPI Pipeline Company Limited during his speech made the following points:

•    We have come very close to making this project reality
•    The TAPI project is another effective step in implementing Turkmenistan's energy strategy which is being implemented under the auspices of His Excellency President of Turkmenistan and aimed at shaping modern global energy security architecture vide creation of a multi-vector system of Turkmen energy export routes to the world markets. It is worth noting that TAPI’s development gained its momentum since 2007.
•    we have completed FEED development for Afghanistan & Pakistan section of the project
•    Once fully commissioned, the TAPI Project aims to export up to 33 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually for 30-year period.
•    The TAPI pipeline project has made a substantial progress from being a concept up to this date.  Major project agreements are in place, particularly GSPAs have been signed with all off-takers
•    we are currently on track for construction to start in 2018 and expect gas to flow by 2019. By the way, first welding ceremony is planned to take place in the beginning of 2018 in Herat Province, Afghanistan, in attendance of leaders of TAPI countries.
•    The TAPI Governments are fully supportive of the TAPI pipeline project, and, we can feel that support on different layers of TAPI Governments.
•    We also appointed a high-calibre team to facilitate the progress of the project and have committed a significant amount of time, effort and resources to get the project to this stage. This is because the TAPI project is hugely important for the development of involved countries economy.  Amongst other things
•    the TAPI will provide fuel for the industrial development which is desperately needed in the region at the current time
•    the TAPI will provide a fuel at a much lower cost than the fuels region currently relies upon.  This will act a stimulus for economic growth and further drive the development of the region’s economy
•    the TAPI will also provide a cleaner source of energy among known hydrocarbon resources
•    we have kicked-off route surveys last month, in particular non-technical unexploded ordnance survey, Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Land Acquisition Planning.
•    TAPI project has all necessary ingredients to be called a bankable and technically and commercially viable project
•    there are some critical activities that need to accomplished with close cooperation of Afghanistan Government, fix the survey and further development route whilst our consultants are currently working on undertaking social safeguards assessments and developing a land acquisition plan based on best industry practices and Afghanistan law requirements.