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Celebrating World Tourism Day Press Event Readout - September 26, 2017
Tuesday, 26 September 2017 16:24

Second Vice President Sarwar Danish, Ms. Muzghan Mustafawi Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Fazel Saancharaki Deputy Minister of Information and Culture attended the event marking World Tourism Day, and delivered their remarks around this issue.

Ms. Mustafawi highlighted the importance of tourism in strengthening economy and promoting the culture. She said Afghanistan has the capacity to attract the tourists due to its historic monuments, place and its natural beauties.

Based on figures, over 300,000 tourists have visited Bamiyan province this year alone. Bamiyan, Balkh, Herat, Kandahar, Ghazni and Ghor provinces have the most attraction of tourist in the country, she added.

We are working on expanding the internal tourism, attracting external tourists and increasing the number of external visitors, also enhancing the income of our country, said Ms Mustawai.

She said that we had number of special programs around tourism this week, conducting a meeting with head of travel and tourism agencies, conducting photography fair, celebrating world tourism day and conducting women handicrafts fair in Taimurshahy Garden.
Ms. Mustafawi stressed that tourism can enhance stability of the countries, through it the people and countries can exchanges cultures. Tourism also creates job opportunities for the people.

She ended her remarks, highlighting certain recommendations;
-    Establishing national committee of tourism
-    Establishing high tourism board
-    Developing national policy of tourism
-    Repairing historic monuments
-    Supporting privates sector, agencies working in this field.
-    Raising public awareness
-    Paving the way for investments
-    Establishing data bank, about tourists and historic places.
-    developing information packages for every province
Then, 2nd VP Sarwar Danish, discussed about the importance of tourism for the world. He said tourism is one of most important phenomenon of our age, as it provides chance for cultural, social, economic exchanges among the people and countries. Tourism paves the way for dialogue of civilizations.

He said, tourism faces challenges in Afghanistan, which insecurity comes in the top. Lack of facilities for tourists and paying less attention in protecting historic monument and place, are also the challenges against tourism. But with developing proper policies and plans, and taken honest actions, we can deal with problem.

Mr. Danish added that in 1971, when Afghanistan enjoyed better security situation, 90.000 – 120.000 tourists visited the country, but last year the number of visitor was double comparing to 1971, as it was 221.000. So it shows the Afghanistan has the attractions for the outsiders. So, with proper policies and putting enough efforts, we can give a very good image of Afghanistan to the people of the world.

He also stressed on certain important points which can lead to progress in tourism field.
-    We should change our mindset about tourism, from economic and cultural points of view; it helps the country and the people.
-    We should support the private sector and provide proper ground for their investments
-    Our directorate of tourism has 60 years of experience, but unfortunately it’s not going with time and is not up to date. Though lots of policies and plans were developed but they got no enough support from government and international partners.
-    Paying attention to internal tourism. Decades of conflicts in the country, has caused distances between our people, and this distance can affect the country, but strengthening the internal tourism can deal with this challenge. The relevant entities and agencies should organize trips to different places for the people of different areas, in order to let the people to visit other places and have better understanding of the people living there and their custom and culture.