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Capacity Building & Training Department (CBTD)

 What do we do?  We are the GMIC’s department that serves to enhance both the Afghan government’s and the independent media’s ability to communicate professionally to their partners and audiences.

 How do we do it?  Our organized professional trainings, courses, seminars and overseas programs increase the participants’ understanding of Public Relations and Journalism, and strengthen their ability to function in these fields. The programs are designed to provide theory and maximum practical training to prepare the participants for future work environments.

 Call us: +93 (0) 775 498 23 or + 93 (0) 799 426 79

 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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 Why chose GMIC Capacity Building & Training programs?   

  • Programs offered by CBTD are taught by experienced trainers and professional media consultants, journalists and national and international technical experts
  • Programs are designed to meet the needs of participants and support their professional development.  
  • Programs are designed to prepare participants for success in demanding work environments.