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Afghan Government Senior Communicators’ Conference held in Kabul
Analysis By:
GMIC Strategic Communications Office
Date:  May 28, 2014

The Afghan Government Senior Communicators’ Conference was held at the Government Media and Information Center here in Kabul yesterday.  This three-day conference is aimed to focus on more coordination between Afghan Government spokespersons.   Spokesperson of Provincial Governors, Chiefs of Police, ANA units, and as well as Kabul based Spokespersons were invited to this conference.
During this conference, the spokespersons discussed ways how to message coordination between themselves at this critical time ahead of the second round of elections scheduled for June. 
On April 5, 2014, Afghans proved that they are determined to shape the future of their country by their widespread turnout in the first round of elections.   They sent a clear message to the enemies of Afghanistan that there is no “turn back”.
The role of media on April elections was very vital.   It is important that Afghan media encourage people to have an even wider participation in the runoff elections.   Raising the public awareness in regard to the elections can be achieved through a better coordination between Afghan Government Spokespersons. 
Such coordination conferences on messaging can help Afghan Government communicators to come up with a unified message promptly and share it with the media so that Afghans get the right message on the right time.   Afghan Government communicators are required to provide accurate and timely information to the media, so that the gap which may be caused by the lack of information is not filled by false information or enemy’s propaganda. 

Therefore, holding such events on “message coordination” is a key step forward in the area of communications in the Afghan Government, and this conference was a good initiative by the Government Media and Information Center during this important period of time ahead of elections’ runoff.   We urge the Afghan Government spokespersons across Afghanistan to act more coordinated and provide unified messages to the people of Afghanistan. 

President Karzai Leaves for India to Attend New PM’s Swearing-in Ceremony
President Hamid Karzai left this morning to New Delhi to attend Mr. Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony as new Prime Minister of India.

During his visit, President Karzai is also scheduled to meet with high-ranking Indian officials to discuss various issues of mutual interest.

On his visit, the President is accompanied by Foreign Minister Zarar Ahmad Osmani and National Security Advisor Dr. Rangin Dadfar Spanta.
President Karzai Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attack on the Indian Consulate in Herat
President Hamid Karzai telephoned Indian Prime Minister-Designate Mr. Narendra Modi and strongly condemned today’s terrorist attack on the Indian Consulate in the province of Herat, calling it "an attack on Afghanistan, India and our shared interests.”

President Karzai briefed Mr. Modi on the timely response of the Afghan security forces to repel the attack and assured the PM and the Indian people of the safety of their citizens in Afghanistan and that no civilian was hurt in the attack.

President Karzai said that the Indian diplomatic missions in Afghanistan have, in the past too, been attacked by terrorists. However, the President stressed that such attacks would only embolden the two countries’ resolve and commitment in further strengthening their cooperation especially in fighting terrorism as a common enemy.

President Karzai assured the Indian PM-designate that a thorough investigation has been launched into the attack.

Prime Minister Modi thanked President Karzai for the call and assurances of safety for Indian citizens and for the rapid response of the Afghan security forces in containing the attack. He reaffirmed his country’s continued friendship, commitment and engagement in reconstruction and stability in Afghanistan.
President Karzai Congratulates BJP Party on its Victory in India’s Parliamentary Elections
President Hamid Karzai congratulated the people of India on Bharatiya Janata Party’s victory under Narendra Modi in India’s 2014 parliamentary elections.

President Karzai called India a great and historic friend of Afghanistan and hoped that good and friendly relations would be further enhanced and strengthened between the two countries under the new Indian government.

The President wished success for Mr. Narendra Modi and happiness and prosperity for the brotherly and friendly people of India.
President Karzai Deeply Saddened by Life and Property Losses in Badakhshan Landslide
President Hamid Karzai is deeply saddened by the losses in life and property caused by landslide  in Aab Khoshk village of Argo district in Badakhshan province.

The President ordered relevant entities to provide immediate assistance to people affected by the natural disaster and to urgently rescue those who are trapped under the debris.

Following the natural disaster, President Karzai spoke with Second Vice-president, Head of the National Committee for Disaster Management, Minister of Defense, Director General of Local Governance and local officials of Badakhshan province.  It was decided that a high-ranking government delegation travel and reach out to the affected province at the soonest.

The President offers his heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the families of the victims and prays for patience of the bereaved, and rapid recovery of the wounded.


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