Ajmal Abdulrahimzai, Spokesperson of MoF is briefing the media on HEC Decisions


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The Nature of War Has Changed PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 August 2017 10:29

Op-ed by: Shah Hussain Murtazawi
Acting Presidential Spokesperson

There are hot controversies, discussions and analysis on security situation in social media and media every day. But comparative evaluation of the current situation with that of three years ago indicates that the nature of the war has changed. During 2015 and 2016, Afghan security forces fought seven stages of war. Over the same period of time, at one phase all six corps of the Afghan army were at war. When president Ghani went to attend Brussels conference, Kunduz fell to Taliban and upon his arrival, the president spent five consecutive nights at the MoD together with the generals at the ministry to manage the war and retake Kunduz. Those difficult and tough days are gone now. Some of the corps had suffered human and materials costs while others were entangled in a long-term war.

Over the past two years, President Ghani has been striving to convince the international community to continue their support and aid, and was busy managing the imposed war on the other. When president Ghani assumed power, the world began to withdraw from Afghanistan. Moreover, he inherited a ruined legacy in regards to foreign policy. In the U.S. there were discussions over the number of U.S. troops they considered to deploy at the American Embassy. However, the presidents discussing, putting efforts together and widely counseling, helped this partnership remain in a sustained, defined and strategic manner.

Continuous discussions tied with tolerance and patience can ensure Afghanistan’s strategic interests. Such discussions were on the table both in the former and current U.S. administration. Known faces in the White House are in contact with the national unity government leaders, especially President Ashraf Ghani. Most of the military and leadership cadres in the U.S. are well aware of and informed about circumstances, geography and the convoluted war that is ongoing.

They also have their own comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the situation. The decisions that are being made undoubtedly will have serious implications for security, countering terrorism and capacity building for ANDSF. The time being noteworthy point is the fact that all the evaluations and discussion are focused on increasing the amount of aid. In other words, it is being debated whether or not the aids should be increased. In the past, however, this was not the case. In the past they were debating to what level should the aids be decreased and they were even talking about keeping around 800 troops at the American embassy.

Over 30 counties have same problems as Afghanistan is facing, but there is no consensus for these countries, like Afghanistan. It is unpredictable and unbelievable which Afghanistan is still attracting international’s attention after 16 years. Afghanistan still has its international commitments for US$ 30 billion. Intentional consensus and long term commitments are prominent achievements for Afghanistan. Protecting these achievements is very important for the people and government. This is the reason why the enemies are trying to target embassies of friendly countries in Afghanistan. Wazir Akbar Khan would have changed to slaughterhouse for diplomats, unless over 8 ANP scarified themselves during Kabul massive truck explosion, at Zanbaq square. Our enemies want to empty Kabul from embassies like the 70s, no embassy to be open.

Their concentration to target embassies in Afghanistan, demonstrate the sign of changing the nature of the war in the country; while targeting civilians is another sign to prove that the nature of the war is changing in Afghanistan. Nobody is safe, all individuals, worshipers, civilians, children, women and elders changed to be the main target for terrorists. A series of suicide attacks took place in Kabul, Herat, Sar-e-Pul and …. shows this assertion. Terrorist networks want to create fear and panic atmosphere for people through carrying out brutal and bloody assassinations; on the other hand they want to show up the war as political game. The aim behind targeting followers of specific sect and race is their double game play. The main reason that enemies chose new approach is their failure and defeat in battlefield by ANDSF; as enemies could not succeed to control any geography in Afghanistan in the 2017. This year, two waves of attacks by enemies took place in compare to two years ago; while the Taliban could carry out seven waves of attack in this season of the year two years ago.

The enemies in their new approach targeted some remote and mountainous points in the country. Taiwara district in Ghor, Kohistan in Faryab and Sayad and Janikhail districts were among the districts that have been fallen to their hands over the recent weeks and then retaken. Attacking on the Taiwara district in Ghor, the enemies wanted to create a strong corridor, but they failed.  The enemies were strongly defeated after three to a week time in all the areas they launched attacks on.

Reforms at MoD leadership, retirement of over 135 Generals as well as reforms at procurement section of MoD has prepared new opportunities to better capacity and abilities to fight. The president is one of the few limited political faces who meet ANDSF from their leadership to the soldiers, seeking around their challenges and comments. He finds issues during his meetings with the low level individuals at ANDSF which might not be possible to find through official sources in years.

Next steps are to reform MoI. Border Police and ANCOP would be merged to ANA. Police will get more training and taughts to implement the law.
Unfortunately, some political figures have concentrated their entire efforts to influence this part of the ANDSF; in a way that the national identity of police has been even reduced to local level. Our NDSF should be non-political, national and professional and along with the change in nature of the war, they should also obtain special capacities. Or else, fighting such massive fight and change in the nature of the war would be tough for them.