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Terrorism, Corruption, and Crimes; the Evil Triangle PDF Print E-mail
Feroz Bashari | Department of Strategic Communications   
Tuesday, 19 July 2016 14:19

It is believed that terrorism, corruption and crimes pose a serious threat to the stability and economic development of Afghanistan.  Terrorism which is an international problem has aided corruption and crimes which are considered to be domestic problems to pose a joint threat to Afghanistan. 

In this article, I will examine how terrorism, corruption and crimes pose a serious threat to the stability and economic development of Afghanistan, and ways to fight them. 
There is no doubt that terrorism, corruption and crimes have formed an evil triangle in Afghanistan preventing the development and economic growth in this country.  Billions of international aid was flown to this country, but very little signs of tangible development have been seen in Afghanistan.

Terrorism is a violent and un-Islamic movement which threatens the entire world including Afghanistan.  The main purpose of terrorist groups is to spread fear in society and exert fear in the minds and hearts of people.  They succeed when they scare you and terrify you by their actions and words.  They abide by no rules and their ideology is against Islam and humanity.  Terrorists claim to be Muslims, but they have killed and harmed Muslims more than none-Muslims.  They have indeed hijacked Islam and do not represent Islam and Muslims.

Terrorist groups are responsible for the major part of violence in Afghanistan.  They kill civilians including women and children, attack Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, and destroy schools, roads, bridges, and government buildings to pursue their evil agenda.  Terrorism is an international phenomenon and terrorists fight in this country to pursue their international agenda.

Afghanistan has been suffering from terrorism for almost two decades and we have paid a big price in fighting terrorism whose roots are beyond Durand Line.  Terrorists and their affiliated leaders and groups have been trained, harbored and financially supported in Pakistan.  The killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Mansoor is a clear sign that Pakistan support and harbor terrorism.

Terrorist groups have harmed Afghan economy, governance, political and economic stability.  The international community should work together with the Afghan Government to fight terrorism and stop their expansion in Afghanistan and in the region.  The Afghan Government has done its part to fight terrorism including ISIL and is determined to help the international community in this regard.  But, more attention is required to fight terrorist groups from various aspects. 
In addition, corruption and crimes also pose as much threat to Afghanistan as terrorism.  Corruption in the government system reduces government revenue and widens the gap between the government and public.  Corruption prevents investment and discourages businessmen to focus on Afghanistan.  Corruption is a domestic problems and the Afghan Government has to deal with it even if it doesn’t get support from the international community.  Corruption is as dangerous to Afghanistan’s development as terrorism.  It kills you from inside and brings shame to Afghanistan. 

President Ghani has taken a number of steps to fight corruption in the government since he took office in 2014.   The establishment of National Procurement Authority, reforms in the cabinet, establishment of new systems for collecting revenues, and the establishment of Anti-Corruption Criminal Justice Center are aimed to fight corruption.  Dozens of high ranking government officials have been sacked and are being prosecuted for corruption.  For example, 110 employees of Kabul Municipality are being banned from travelling for charges of corruption.

Criminal activities are also as dangerous as terrorism and corruption.  The rise in criminal activities in turn, poses a serious threat to economic growth and security of Afghanistan.  Investors are targeted and kidnapped for money.  Their lives and investments are not secure.  According to Afghanistan Investment Support Agency, dozens of Afghan investors have been kidnapped and killed in Afghanistan only this year.

The Afghan Government is determined to bring widespread reforms in Afghan National Police to effectively counter crimes.  Unfortunately, there are major problems in the Ministry of Interior.  Police is responsible for enforcing law and fighting criminals.  Police is most needed in countries where the rate of crime is high.  Ghost police is no more acceptable for the Afghan Government.  President Ghani is determined to bring widespread reforms in the Ministry of Interior by appointing professional police officers, putting systems in place, and dismissing ineffective police officers.  Afghans will soon see a major change in the behavior and action of police.  Criminals will no longer enjoy immunity and no one will be above the law.

So, terrorism, corruption and crimes have formed an evil triangle in Afghanistan and have to be fought seriously.  There should be no mercy on people affiliated to these groups as they equally pose threat to Afghanistan.  Terrorism is an international phenomenon and it is the job of the international community to fight it.  Afghanistan is a good and reliable partner in this regard.  Corruption and crimes are domestic problems, and the Afghan Government is determined to fight them.  The Afghan Government has taken some major steps to fight corruption and will bring widespread reforms in the police forces.  Police should be qualified, professional and impartial.  Police should be immune from interference and should enjoy the full support of the President to counter criminals and bring them into justice.  Citizens’ safety is a priority for the government.