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Director's Message


Establishment of Government Media & Information Center (GMIC) has been a great step by the government of Afghanistan in its effort to further eliminate the gap between the government, media and the people.

GMIC enjoys having a specialized and young professional team that serves the people, media and the government through improved information sharing, communications, capacity building and awareness raising. 

GMIC is equipped with modern press conferencing apparatus and space, and professional development capacity for government officials and journalists. Government Media & Information Center has provided valuable services since its inception. We believe that through appropriate coordination and networking between the government and the media, milestones achieved by the government of Afghanistan can be made visible to the people.

Coordination between various agencies in the government for the purposes of speeding up the information sharing process, provision of facilities for national and international journalists, and informing people about achievements and progress of their government are the key objectives on GMIC’s agenda. Building capacities of the offices of governmental spokespersons is another aspect of the efforts made by the Government Media & Information Center.

The Government Media & Information Center has initiated and managed a variety of activities to establish and strengthen coordination between government entities. GMIC has conducted many different meetings with utmost level of attention of effort with stakeholders of each sector, as a result, proper coordination is taking place amongst relevant government bodies and their international partners.

In a short span of time, numerous high ranking government officials and their partners have used GMIC’s facilities to hold press conferences and that have noticeably resulted in increased flow of information to the public.

The Government Media & Information Center strives to achieve its set objectives. GMIC leadership is proud to have built a good working infrastructure with its experienced and expert members in a short period of time. I hope that this center’s determination and efforts be effective in raising awareness amongst our public.