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Mr. Sefatullah Shamsurahman Director of Government Media and Information Center PDF Print E-mail

Mr. Sefatullah Shamsurahman was born in 1981 in eastern Kunar province of Afghanistan. He has been working in the media affairs as a journalist, commentator and spokesman, since last one decade.

Mr. Sefatullah worked as a journalist for the Egyptian State Television and he has also worked as Country Representative of Middle East Broadcasting Center in Afghanistan for two years. He worked as a Spokesperson for the Ministry of Education of IROA. In May 2011 he was appointed as Deputy Director of Government Media and Information Center, where he currently serves as a director.

As an analyst of Afghanistan and Middle East affairs and analyzing national and regional affairs, he has appeared on key national and international media outlets.

Mr. Sefatullah earned his Master in Public Relations and Development Communications from India and Bachelor in Jurisprudence and Law Faculty of Kabul University. He has further studied one year of journalism in Egypt and some journalism and analysis classes in the US.