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Executive Summary of MOD Regular Press Briefing - Readout
MG Waziri, MoD Spokesperson Complete Statement

Opening Statement
Greetings and Welcome Dear Journalists!
I would like to update you around the security situations first and then will respond to your questions:

ANDSF has 112 ongoing offensive operations against the enemies in 8 provinces. The Commando units also have conducted 117 offensive operations, 881 aircraft used to support the ANA forces. 16 night raid has been conducted by the air forces to support ANA including 172 direct targets on the enemies’ hideouts and as Result:.

•    416 Taliban and 18 Daesh were killed, 279 Taliban and 5 Daesh were injured, 20 Taliban were arrested.
•    11 Taliban commanders, 1 Daesh Commander were killed , popular commanders of the Taliban Who are killed are Humayun - Sher Agha - Qari Ehsanullah and Mavlawi Hashim.
•    11 hideouts of enemies , 3 weapons depots of enemies more than hundreds of heavy none weapons, 67 vehicles 72 Bikes were destroyed during clearance operations.

The Afghan National Army (ANA) engineering team have been able to detect, neutralize and destroy 115 mines around the country.
ANDSF operations in Nangarhar, Kapisa, Kunar, Paktia, Ghazni, Kandahar, Urozgan, Zabul, Badghis, Sare pul, Baghlan, Faryab, Balkh, Nimroz and Helmand provinces are rigorously going on and we will inform you regarding their achievements later.

Q/A Session
•    Reporter: There are reports that Taliban are using Russian-made weapons, is it true or not?
o    Mr. Waziri: these all are the enemies policy; in order, to damage the friendly relationships between the countries. It is easy to misuse the different marks of the countries in different weapons.
•    Reporter: How is the Durand Line’s situation?
o    Mr. Waziri: we do not accept the Durand Line and never had accepted. Government is waiting for the decision of people. Whatever, Afghan people decide government will stand behind them.
•    Reporter: Can you say how many Pakistani rockets were landed yesterday in Kunar Province?
o    Mr. Waziri:  it was around 100 rockets. I want to say to Pakistan that these rockets will worsen the relation of Afghanistan and Pakistan and have no any benefit. These rockets will just increase the sensitivity among the Afghanistan’s people.
•    Reporter: Is there any hope or any reaction by Pakistan to show they have stopped supporting terrorists in the region?
o    Mr. Waziri: No, still we have not seen any reaction of them to stop terrorist in the region. International communities have to put more pressure on Pakistan.
•    Reporter: how many insurgents were killed in Bala Bolok district of Farah province?
o    Mr. Waziri: we had a press release of it in our website though, but I can say that 5 insurgents were killed and 3 were wounded.
NATO Defense Ministers Meeting Press Conference - Readout 12 Nov,2017
  Speaker (s)
•    Acting Minister General Tariq shah Bahrami, MOD

Mr. Bahrami opened the conference greeting the journalists. He updated about the NATO defense ministers meeting. He said that, the participants discussed about the security situation in Afghanistan, the capabilities, challenges and needs of the Afghan armed forces, as well as bringing reforms and fighting corruption in the ANDSF.
He stressed, the meeting had positive massages as a result; 27 countries are agree to increase the size of NATO’s Resolute Support training mission in Afghanistan from around 13,000 to roughly 16,000 personnel. Defense Ministers from NATO Allies and partner nations also confirmed they will continue the fund of Afghan security forces until at least 2020.
He said, 29 NATO member states Defense Ministers agreed to put pressure on Pakistan to stop supporting terrorism, moreover; NATO member states once again reiterated on their commitments to support and strengthen ANDSF.
Resolute Support will continue their support to ANDSF through training, advising and assisting mission. NATO Defense Ministers agreed to adapt their command structure and boost Afghanistan troop levels as they will deploy 2 to 3 thousand more troops to Afghanistan in order to support ANDSF.
NATO asked for Afghanistan’s commitments for better governance, the rule of law, fighting corruptions, and protecting the rights of all Afghans, including women and girls.
He said that, on the sidelines of the Brussels meeting he discussed the threats of the terrorist groups with the German Minister of Defense, whose mission is to cover the north and northeastern parts of the country.
“On the sidelines of the Brussels meeting I met with the US Secretary General, UK, and Italian Defense Ministers separately.” Mr. Bahrami said.

Q/A Session

•    Kabul News Reporter: NATO defense Ministers meeting held so far, can you brief us that what is now the specific plan of Afghan Ministry of defense to control the security situation in Afghanistan?
o    Mr. Bahrami: Unfortunately, in the last 7-months, the terrorist attacks have increased especially on ANDSF as a result; 13% in these months and 11% the attacks have increased from last year; on the other hand, we have massive attacks on terrorists too. The problem is that they are using different technics to blast themselves but we have found their technics completely and we will avoid them to reach their goals as we yesterday arrested a motor bomb in Nawah district of Helmand.

•    Reporter: There are reports about the causalities of civilians in Kapisa province? Can you clear it?
o    Mr. Bahrmai: As far as I know, no civilian causalities were included but we will evaluate the causalities. 

•    Reporter: As one of the agenda points in NATO defense ministries meeting was to put pressure on Pakistan to stop supporting terrorists in region and Afghanistan, how much are you hopeful this can be implemented?
o    Mr. Bahrami: As I found the meeting positive and it had clear massages to Pakistan in order to stop their supports to terrorism again we are hopeful about the practical results. 

•    Reporter: Mr. Hekmatyar said that the war in this country is between two nations, what do you want to add?
o    Mr. Bahrami: After his words reflected in social media, some two days later he said that he was not able to convey his massages in the correct way. For ANDSF this fight is about securing the country and protecting our nation.

•    Reporter: Currently the war is increasing inside Afghanistan, why are not US troops attacking to hideout of terrorists in Pakistan?
o    Mr. Bahrami: The governments cannot take decisions in this regard. Regional and international actors have to decide about this.
•    Reporter: as you said that you talked with the German Minister of Defense, whose mission is to cover the north and northeastern parts of the country but recently President said that the security situation of north and northeastern parts of the country will be better, what do you add on that?
o    Mr. Bahrami: yes, it is presidents’ order to implement the security plan in the north parts of the country.

IARCSC Press Conference Readout - November 2, 2017
•    Announcement of 17000 vacant positions
•    Announcement of initial results of collective exam of 700 procurement position
•    Website of IARCSC
Speaker (s):
•    Mr. Nader Nadery, Head of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC)
On November 2, Mr. Nader Nadery appeared in a press conference held at Government Media & Information Center (GMIC), to update media outlets on new 17000 job announcement and issues related to civil service reforms.
First of all, Mr. Nadery said that I’m here to deliver 3 good news. First one is announcement of 17000 new jobs; second one is announcement of initial results of 700 procurement position, which is published in Higher Education Ministry’s website. And the third issue is regarding website of IARCSC.
Mr. Nadery said that since long times the exact number of employees in the civil service of the country is not clear, and thus large part the resources are utilized appropriately. The officials paid more attention on Kabul, and high ranks of civil services. Less attention was paid to the low level section. Low ranks are executive forces of the organizations and all activities of the organizations depend on them.
In order to improve the administration, identifying vacant positions and ghost employees, we started our work three months ago, according to guidance of the H.E the president, Mr. Nadery told the media. Our findings were shocking. Significant part of the low level positions was vacant. In some cases, ghost employees were identified.
He added that we are announcing 17000 positions in 34 provinces. 8000 of new positions are for the teachers and rest is for those who want to get recruited in executive sections and it include 5th and 6th grades.
Mr. Nadery delivered clear message to the people and said: my message to all applicants is that they should only rely on their self, their own knowledge and skills, not to any political power or anyone else, because we have set all our efforts to conduct very transparent process and decrease the human interference to the minimum level.
Mr. Nadery stressed that professionalization of the administration, improvement of civil services, betterment of service delivery and development of the country depends on an impartial civil services system. Impartial administration is feasible only through a clear, transparent and open competition.
Pointing out the results of recent collective exam of 700 procurement position of government institutions, Nadery said that initial results are published in the website of higher education ministry.
Further, he said that previously IARCSC had six websites for coverage of commission’s activities but now they are merged into one website. Only one unified website will cover all activities of the commission.
Q/A Session:
Q. you mentioned that 8000 new positions are allocated for the teachers, but reports shows huge corruption in recruitment of teachers, how you guarantee to hold transparent process?
A.    Recently MEC released its report on corruption in ministry of education and especially in corruption in recruitments of the teachers. But IARCSC responsibility is to conduct clear and transparent process that only well-qualified and professional individuals are given the opportunity to get recruited. My message is everyone should rely on their own knowledge and capability, we will not allow anyone to enter education sector through political power or corruption.
Q. can you make clear, what is the exact number of ghost employees in Afghanistan administration?
A.    Ghost employees are small in number. But even if there is only one person, it’s a big issue, which should be taken serious. For now, I can only say that number is not large. We can share the exact number, once all our employees are entered into the new system and once all employees are entered to biometric system.
Q. Do you reject the political interference - within and without government – in recruitment process?
A.    All our efforts are set toward prevention of political interference and bringing reforms, improvement of civil service and betterment of service delivery. All our efforts are put to dissolve the evil chain of interference and corruption in civil service sector. Undoubtedly brining reforms is tough but we have serious will and believe to implement and support reforms in government system.
Q. can you give us the percentage of women employees in Afghanistan civil service?
A.    A. I don’t have the exact number of women employees right now, my colleagues will give you after checking the data base. But around 5 percent of civil service employees are women. The government purposes to increase the number of female employee to 30%.
MOD and IDLG Joint Press Briefing - Readout 01 Novemeber, 2017
Executive Summary:
Mr. Daulat Waziri Spokesperson of Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Ms. Munira Yousufzada, Spokesperson of Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) delivered a press conference on 01 Nov, 2017 at GMIC to update on the sucide bombing that took place at Wazir Akbar Khan 14th street area yesterday.

Mr. Daulat Waziri started the briefing by praying for peace and security in the country. He said that the enemies of Afghanistan once again carried out a sucide bombing against the civilians in a public area yesterday. He added that there is no MoD personnel among the victims of yesterday's suicide bomb in WAK area.

Mr. Waziri also rejected some of the SIGAR report findings saying that the 13% soil of Afghanistan controlled by Taliban which has come in the report is not acceptable for MoD. He said that in guerrilla war, the enemies threaten some areas and this does not mean that they are controlling that specific areas. Enemies threaten some areas through suicide bombing, explosions or IEDs, they can not fight face to face to take control of these areas. He further said that the claim that 3.7 million people live under the enemies authorities is not acceptable and rejected it as inaccurate figures. He stated that only 9 districts are under the Taliban control which does not make a considerable percentage.

Mr. Waziri also rejected the SIGAR claims that MoD is not providing accurate information regarding the actual number of casualties. He said that there was a concurrence between MoD and RS that each party will disclose about their own casualities in order to improve the correct information sharing.

Then he updated the media regarding the recent MoD operations around the country. Attached at the end of this summary as MoD Statement.

Then, Ms. Yousufzada expressing condolence for the victims of yesterday’s sucide bomb, said that 4 IDLG employees were killed and 8 others were wounded as result of the incident. She called the injuries of 4 IDLG employees serious, while saying that IDLG Office Mosque Imam was among these seriously injured ones. She added that killing and injuring the civilians shows the terrorists barbaric acts that do not have sympathy to anyone. IDLG has also provide some support to the families of the victims.

MoD Statement
01 November, 2017
Greetings and Welcome Dear Journalists!
I would like to update you around the security situations first and then will respond to your questions:

ANDSF has 10 ongoing offensive operations against the enemys in 8 provinces. The Commando units also have conducted 13 offensive operations in various provinces. Afghan air forces had 67 flights, 20 air strikes conducted on enemies hideouts and as result:

    9 terrorists were killed, and 6 others wounded in Chinarto and Dehrawood districts of Urozgan Province.
    1 terrorist killed and a vehicle of them destroyed, in Gizab district of Daikundi province.
    5 terrrosits were killed, 6 others wounded and 2 vehicles were destroyed as result of air strikes in Khak Safeed district of Farah province.
    2 terrorists were killed in Almar and Khwaja Sabposh districts of Faryab province, as result of air strikes.
    6 terrorists killed, 7 injured and two vehicels were destroyed in Burka district of Baghlan province.
    1 terrorist killed as result of clearance operation of ANA in Andar district of Ghazni province.
    In these operations 45 insurgents were killed and 19 others wounded. 5 weapons, 2 vehicles and 5 motorcycles and other military equipments have been seized by ANDSF. The Afghan National Army (ANA) engineering team have been able to detect, neutralize and destroy 49 mines that were laid by the enemies in various parts of the country.
During the meeting with Nikolai Patrushev National Security Advisor of Russia, H.E President said: "We have created strong ties with the regional countries on fighting terrorism, transit and economic cooperation. Terrorism is not only a threat to Afghanistan, but also for the region and the world, a joint and a serious combat plan is needed for a unified strategy
Key Question & Answers:

•    Reporter: SIGAR report says that Taliban had 2% progress in controlling the Afghan soil in the last six month that make the total Taliban control to 13%. Does MoD accept that?
MG Waziri: I reject it and is not acceptable for us. I confirm that the heavy fight was going on with the Taliban and other terrorist groups during the last six months and they have been threatening some areas as it was supposed to transfer the Quetta Council to south part of Afghanistan. We were the winner of this heavy fighting since we were able recapture some of the key areas and districts such as the Nadali and Nawa districts of Helmand province. We were able to beat the ISIS-K in most of the provinces. Take the example of Tora Bora where no one could access to it before, but we were able to clear the area from ISIS-K fighters presence and accessed to the furthest area of Tora Bora.

•    Reporter: There are reports that the Afghan government has asked the UN Security Council’s Sanction Committee to put on some of the Pakistani Military Generals in the black list and has provided their names. Do you confirm that?
MG Waziri: First, I would like to recall that I am not the spokesperson of the entire government and am representing only MoD. After that, if the government has proposes such scenario, I fully support that since those who wants to continue the war in our country, manage terrorist attacks, kill our innocent people should be included in black list of UNSC and international community.

•    Reporter:  Esmail Khan, a member of Jamiat Islamy Party has recently said that 50% of the Afghan soil is controlled by Taliban and other terrorist groups. What is your reaction to that?
MG Waziri: I do not want to comment on his views. I totally reject this and is just an inaccurate claim. Except 9 districts controlled by the Taliban, all the provinces, districts, the highways and everywhere is under our rule. Esmail Khan’s words are his own opinion.

•    Reporter: The mother all the bombs have been used in Afghanistan, there was contiouse fight against the ISIS, MoD has reported about their massive deaths and injuries, how does this come that they are still able to conduct attacks in the heart of Kabul? Where are they really located and there are saying that ISIS-K are being supported through air, who are actually supporting them, don’t you believe that the detective and intelligence units are failing?
MG Waziri: ISIS (Daesh) is completely defeated in Afghanistan, in Helmand, Farah, Zabul, Urozgan, Nooristan, Nangarhar and everywhere and their plans have failed. Four of their key leaders have been killed. 2,500 if them were killed in Shinware District of Ningarhar only and 1000 of others were injured. Their figure has reduced from thousands to hundreds and they exist only in Ningarhar and Nooristan provinces. If anyone claims that they are being helped through air, please show us the evidence. At least a picture or video, so we can take actions against that. Regarding who financially support them, Pakistan support them. Further, from each 10 Daesh 7 of them are from the tribe of Orukzai from the other side of Durand line. The explosions and sucide attacks are carried out by at around 20 different terrorist groups and claim that Daesh has done it due to their political objectives and messages to Iran, Russia and other centeral Asian countries.

•    Reporter:  Atta Muhammad Noor, the current NUG Balkh Governor has recently expressed the resolving of the NUG, what is IDLG reaction towards that?
Munira Yousofzada: Governers are political positions who are not directly hired by IDLG. Governors are hired with the instruction and confirmation of the leaders of the government, so it is better that the office of the president comment on that.

Press Conference of Helmand Governor, Readout 21,October, 2017
•    Mr. Hayatullah Hayat, Governor of Helmand province
•    Brief media on security issues, and achievements of local government,
Mr. Hayatullah Hayat appeared in a press conference to share information regarding the achievements of local government in Helmand province. The following headings are main issues he discussed with the media outlets.
Insecurity factors:
First of all Mr. Hayat briefed factors behind the insecurity in Helmand province, and conclude them in to followings;
-    Geostrategic location of Helmand is one of the main factors,
-    Free border with Iran and Pakistan at Durand Line,
-    Quetta Council and Taliban training centers are close to Helmand province,
-    Smugglers transfer narcotics through Helmand to other countries,
-    Helmand weather is very suitable for cultivating narcotics that Taliban and other terrorist networks feed up.
-    Numbers of Taliban leaders are originally from Helmand.
-    New initiatives of Water Management create challenges and has also role in security issues.
Mr. Hayat said that ANDSF have the capability to defeat enemies, and assure security and stability, as followings are the main achievements regarding the security:
-    Special operations, night raids, air strikes and Maneuvers in enemy’s depth (Nahr Saraj – Marjah districts) conducted.
-    Cleaning operations (retaking Nawa district, ongoing operations in Nadali district)
-    Three important operations conducted: Maiwand 04 Ops, Maiwand 06 Ops, and Maiwand 07.
o    Maiwand 04 operation conducted to retake Nawa district.
o    Maiwand 06 operation conducted in Grishk district.
o    Maiwand 07 operation is ongoing in vicinity of Lashgarh and Nadali.
-    Enemies do two inhuman act; they use people houses as human shield and use IEDs’ in residential and public areas.
-    Helmand is top priority for enemies. Enemies conducted 18 VBIED attack within two weeks. They wanted to capture whole province, but didn’t succeed in their plans.
-    In past 2.5 months;
o    415 terrorist were killed, 64 wounded. 100 afghan forces are also martyred and wounded. Over 150 militants were arrested including their commanders.
o     850 Taliban fighters stopped fighting and joined peace.
o    Hundreds of ammunition was captured.
o    217 depot and centers destroyed.
o    1750 mines were detected and neutralized
Good Governance: Regarding the good governance, Mr. Hayat said:
-    70% of civil services employees are newly recruited.
-    Public trust has significantly increased.
-    For the first time, local government officials are accountable to the people
Fighting corruption and Narcotics:
-    We follow zero tolerance policy against corruption and corruption
-    250 corrupted military & civil service officers were referred to justice & judicial organizations
-    Hundreds acres of land were released from land grabbers’ hands
-    In year 1395, 26 tons of narcotics destroyed.
-    Projects worth around USD 70m are under way.
-    The 3rd turbine of Kajaki dam is completed.
-    Garishk district electricity dam is upgraded.
-    USD$ 3.5mln is approved for rehabilitation of Helmand university hostel.
-    Standard Cricket stadium is under construction
-    Hopefully we’ll see outcomes in following points, in the future;
o    Kajaki dam will get expanded.
o    Ready for the launch of TAPI project
o    Establishing Economic zone
-    403 schools are open in Helmand province (381 govt and 22 private schools)
-    242.000 students are going to school. 30% are girls.
-    There are 4 universities in Helmand province (1 govt, 3 private)
-    80 treatment center clinics are all over the province.
-    Big complex will be constructed for addicted people
-    16 federations are active in Helmand province, including cricket, Football, Body Building federations.
-    4 TV and 9 Radio stations are in Helmand, besides that 1 newspaper and 6 magazines are active.

Q/A Session
Q. you mentioned about public trust on local governance, but recently it was said that people refer to Taliban courts for solving their problem.
o    We have opened the door for the people to complain any issue they face. I want to assure you that we take decisive action against any act of corruption. People have also significant role in fighting corruption. From government side, we are determined a seriously deal with corrupted people, and people have also responsibility to inform related entities about the corrupted people. I don’t reject corruption at all, but we are determined to fight against it.
Q. Large number of ammunition has fallen to Taliban’s hands and they use them against the government, what have you done in this regard?
o    Unfortunately numbers of armored vehicles are in Taliban’s hand. We have detected most of the areas where they have kept the vehicles, and we are determined to destroy them at all before they try to use them against us.


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