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ANDSF recaptured Nawa District from the Taliban
Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) has retaken Nawa District of Helmand Province from the Taliban yesterday.  Dozens of Taliban militants were killed or wounded during the operation conducted to drive the Taliban out of this district, said MOD.

This afternoon, General Radmanish, MOD deputy spokesperson during a presser at the Government Media and Information Center GMIC said that ANDSF clearance operation is ongoing in the south and north parts of Nawa district aiming to completely clear the district of brutal Taliban presence. He said ANDSF are now controlling Nawa district and are clearing mines and IEDs planted by Taliban to protect civilian lives.

He also added that the government will soon resume public services, and open clinics and schools in this district.  Residents of this district were deprived of public services over the past year due to the Taliban presence in this district.  
Afghanistan Conducts the 20th JCMB Meeting
Afghanistan will lay out recent successes in moving on the road to self-sufficiency in a conference in Kabul on 9th July. These include the recent removal of its banking sector from the ‘grey list’ the international Financial Action Task Force. In its statement, FATF called this “an important signal to the  international community and highlights the huge achievements, efforts and continuing hard work to implement the greatly strengthened systems to combat money laundering and terrorist financing in Afghanistan." This will significantly improve the ability of the private sector to raise money, and further contribute to economic growth, now predicted to be  3 %.

Other highlights include the release of funds on time by both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These funds were only released after Afghanistan had fulfilled time-sensitive deadlines. The IMF has approved $6.2 million for Afghanistan, bringing total disbursements under the arrangement to $12.4 million USD. The approval came following the completion of the first review of the arrangement under the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) in May 2017. 

These developments will be discussed in a meeting of the Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board, a body that brings together senior Afghan leaders with members of the international community. They will look at progress made on mutual benchmarks agreed at the Brussels summit in October 2016.

One other key success in the economic sector is that revenue increased more quickly than the target for another year. . In 2016, revenue collection improved by 26% compared to 2015, including one-off revenue. Last year the country exceeded the IMF target by Afs 9 billion.  Afs 34 billion has already been collected in the first quarter of 2017. As our domestic revenues increase, we have confidence that this year we will exceed our commitments.

The Afghan government will also discuss the commitments achieved or in progress regarding the Electoral Reform, Economic Reform, Economic and Political Women Empowerment, Land Management Law Revision and Reforms, Transparency and Accountability of Mine Extraction, Streamlining Procedures for an Enabling Investment Climate in the country.

JCMB was established in accordance with an agreement between the Afghan Government and the international community for overall strategic coordination on implementation of the Afghanistan Compact endorsed at the London Conference in 2006.  JCMB provides a platform for strategic coordination, joint policy formulation and problem solving in Afghanistan. It ensures the mutual accountability of the government and its development partners.
NUG leadership and high ranking government officials, special representative of UN Secretary General to Afghanistan, U.S, UK, German ambassadors and other international community’s representative will participate at this meeting.
Afghanistan government will reaffirm its commitment toward fighting corruption, promoting transparency and accountability, judicial reform and government revenue collection system at this JCMB meeting.
Brussels Meeting Agreed on Four Main Issues
Continuation of NATO’s cooperation in Political especially in Kabul Conference, political and military supports cooperation in implementing 4-year security plans, training security forces and militaries by expert foreign trainers and equipping them were four vital  issues discussed at the Brussels meeting.
Tareq Shah Bahrami, Afghanistan’s acting defense minister participated at the Brussels meeting last week. Mr. Bahrami, speaking in a press conference at GMIC on July 04, 2017, said that these suggestions have been agreed by NATO.
Mr. Bahrami stressed, “NATO’s Defense Ministers pointed to terrorist’s threats and said that terrorists are still active in neighboring countries of Afghanistan. NATO confirmed that they will not allow terrorists to return Afghanistan to their havens.”
Acting defense minister said, “As a representative of Afghanistan in this meeting, he has pledged to fight against terrorists and corruptions especially in security entities in Afghanistan.” He added in order to decrease corruptions in security institutions of country, supervision systems have been created for procurement affairs. He added that he has promised to the NATO’s Defense Ministers that NUG is committed to hire professional personal in the security forces, especially in the MoD and that NUG has also some achievements so far.
In the Brussels meeting which was held last week, the international besides their continued commitment to support in training and equiping the Afghan forces, also promised to increase the numbers of troops. Though, Mr. Bahrami did not clear the number of troops but said that U.S’s new strategy towards Afghanistan and region will be clear in ten days.  
Signing a number of new projects contract, Readout
Joint Press Conference
June 15, 2017
Agenda: Signing a number of new projects contract
Speaker (s):
•    Mr. H.E. Sarwar Danish, Second Vice President
•    Mr. Abdullah Habibzai, Acting Mayor of Kabul Municipality
Media Outlets:
•    Live Coverage:
•    Total media: 16 National media (TV, Radio, Print)

Today, June 15, 2017, Sixteen road-build projects signed today by Abdullah Habibzai acting mayor of Kabul Municipality in presence of H.E. Sarwar Danish in government media and information center.(GMIC)
Mr. Danish, Second Vice President, after greeting to the audience and thanking to media and to mayor of Kabul Municipality happily graduated to Mr. Habibzai and continued that is working honestly for people and trying to solve the main issues of their lives.
He thanked Mr. Habibzai and the contractors for their sixteen development-projects. He stressed that “it is great that I can see changes and development and also beyond plans it takes action too by him, and I want Mr. Habibzai who is the acting mayor of Kabul Municipality to be the official mayor of KM.”
He said, “Recently Municipality is an official organization that works in every village, city, districts and it is selected by people which we can call the action democracy. Mayor of Municipality has complete responsibility to do the require for people without any discrimination and any corruptions. Moreover; he talked about the insecurity, war, terrorism and other main problems of people which they face in the society as a civilian. ”
He stressed that most of the districts in Kabul are worse than the villages and provinces due to having no standardized roads, lack of electricity, schools, clinics, and healthful water for drinking which are answered from the undertakings.  But the answer of Municipals is that they have no budget. On the other hand, First world countries are using the outputs which they get by people municipals again service the people by that budget.
He listed some main problems of Urban that must be taken serious actions towards them, “professional engineers/responsible must be hired, disabling the bureaucracy system instead of it an electronic system should be used for processing the documents, act trenchantly to corruptions, a remarkable management and organization inside every governmental and non-Gov. organizations, obeying regulations and acting in time and according to condition of people” meanwhile; He wished that after the parliamentary elections, presidential and district councils, municipal elections can be held.
Danish specifically talked about major issues that mayor of Kabul municipality must work on, “main roads must be asphalt in all districts, constricting parks, serious actions for cleaning dusts, transportation for the population which increases, traffic jam, electricity matters, specifies a special bazar for vendors.”
At the end of his speech he asked civil society, Uloma, young generation and every single civic of Kabul that they must not use slogans but act while cooperation with mayor and municipals.
Mr. Habibzai, acting mayor of Kabul municipality thanked second vice president and media for the cooperation.
He started his speech by saying that they have contracted sixteen of road asphalting that contain/cover 285km roads which will be completed and in the last of continued year. He stressed” Kabul metro-bus project will be launched today which starts from Sarai-Shamali along to intersection of Baraki which people can use till the starting of new year.”

Mayor of Kabul municipality stressed,” Six recreational parks will be built in Kabul this year, 10 km of roads in Kabul will be enhanced including with greenery, drawing lines, setting signals, cleaning and lightning, moreover; address finding project in Kabul will be completed this year and will be implemented across the country.”

He said;” Kabul Municipality's revenues have increased more than previous as it was 200,000-300,000AFG and now 3million AFG.”

He talked about the collecting garbage which in previous it was 27% but now it has increased to 49% meanwhile; he stressed it will be 90% in five main districts of Kabul till the last of this year.

Q&A Session:

1. (Reporter) Can you please list the districts of 285km which you said will be constructed?
-   Habibzai, you can take the list from my partner but those districts that I have in my mind are PD13, PD12, PD11, PD4 and…
The weekly Security Coordination Meeting of Afghan Government Spokespersons
The weekly Security Coordination Meeting of Afghan Government Spokespersons from security, political and health sectors held at the GMIC this afternoon.  During this meeting, issues related to improving coordination between spokespersons and to ensure media receives accurate and timely information, were discussed.  GMIC serves as a hub for media and a coordination center for all government communicators, and will make sure there is proper and timely coordination between all spox. In this meeting was attended by spokespersons Palace, CEO, MOI, MOD, NDS, NSA, MFA, IDLG, and MOPH spokespersons.


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